Whether you are looking to publish your work on your own, attract an agent, or simply want to improve your manuscript
for presentation, Yellow Marker Publishing Services is here to assist you with the process.

As an author, your project is your pride and joy. A lot of sweat and time went into completing it. Now it's time to take it to
the next level, to get it ready for others to read. By having a fresh pair of eyes review the material, inconsistencies in
POV (point of view), a wrong name, a shift in tense that otherwise might be missed can be located and fixed prior to

Traditional publishers go through several steps when taking a manuscript from a rough draft to a finish product. A story
chock full of errors stands a good chance of being rejected or winding up on the "slush" pile, without any chance of
being reviewed. A professional edit can show the publisher you are willing to g
o the extra step to get the job done.

For those i
nterested in another route, self-publishing a book has become a lot easier. It is no longer as frowned upon
as it has been in years past. Unfortunately, it also means there are more books than ever available to the readers. And
a reader can be just as harsh a critic as a publisher. In some cases, more so because of word-of-mouth. You may only
get one chance to make a good first impression
with a reader. Why not make it the best one from the onset.

Whether you
need proofreading, copy/line editing, a cover design or a published product, take a few minutes to glance
through our site a
nd see what is available. We have both individual services and package plans. Our prices are
competitive for those on a limited budget.

Let's work together to make your dream that much closer to becoming a reality.

Requirements for use of our services:

It is easier for us to guide you through the editing process with a completed project.

All edits are accomplished using MS Word with track change capabilities, and are performed electronically. Please
ensure you have a system/program that is comparable with this process. We do not work on printed manuscripts.

A sample of our editing
can be provided free of charge. Use the Contact Us section to submit your five-page request
for an
edit review.
Yellow Marker Publishing Services
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