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Price: 0.005/word

Proofreading is performed as the final step in readiness for publication. It is an important step by which a fresh pair of eyes can
look over your work to ensure a finished project. Proofreading includes correcting the following:
  • typographical errors
  • formatting inconsistencies
  • spelling errors
  • grammar and punctuation issues can be pointed out but are not normally a part of the proofreading process. These
    should be addressed during the actual editing process.

Copy/Line Editing:
Copy/line editing helps to correct errors within your project and improve the readability. Each level includes two passes through
your project. Below is a list of what is included with each level of copy/line editing:  

  •   Light Copy/Line Editing includes:
           Price: 0.008/word

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation corrections
  • word choice

  •   Medium Copy/Line Editing includes:
           Price: 0.010/word

  • all tasks included in the Light Copy/Line Edit
  • changing passive voice to active voice, when applicable
  • repetitiveness
  • POV (point of view) shifts
  • overuse of adjectives and adverbs
  • sentence structure: breaking up run on sentences into smaller pieces to improve flow
  • concision
  • continuity

  •   Heavy Copy/Line (Developmental) Editing includes:
           Price: 0.012/word  

  • includes all tasks in the Light and Medium Copy/Line Editing
  • plot continuity, structure, gaps
  • character development
  • settings and description
  • suggestions for movement of sentences and/or paragraphs to improve flow
  • suggest formats to covey message
  • plausibility of information  

Cover Art:
All cover art is print ready, 300 dpi.

  •   Simple cover:  $100
  •   Complex: $150

Book Printing:
Whether you provide a cover or we can design one for you, we can take your book from concept to reality with our printing
services. Listed below are items included in the process:

You provide the cover:  $200

  • unique ISBN
  • formatting/layout
  • distribution to online bookstores
  • 4 books

We design the cover:  $300

  • unique ISBN
  • formatting/layout
  • distribution to online bookstores
  • simple cover
  • 4 books

Payment is 50% up front and 50% at completion for orders over $300. Credit cards are accepted, PayPal is preferred.
For orders $300 and under, payment in full up front upon acceptance from all parties for our services.
Please inform us of your request for services through
the Contact Us section.
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